About us

Welcome to HatenaiSora, HatenaiSora is a Movie Review, Series Review & Entertainment based publication for those who want to become better at their MovieSeries, and Review every day.

We discuss about your fillings, Answer difficult questions about Lates entertainment. and help the reader’s career be meaningful.

We love Movies & Series and discuss Movie reviews, Series reviews & Entertainment. Make selections from Local to International.

For whom we write

For the widest audience. We write on various topics and try to express our thoughts in a clear and accessible way so that even our grandmothers can easily understand them.


Correct the imperfection of the world and make the reader’s life better: answer questions, solve problems, motivate, inspire, broaden horizons, teach, and entertain.

We are against trash and all kinds of toxicity, addictions and time eaters, illiteracy and greed, complexes and passivity, crowds and dullness. Our call is to see more, think broader, live longer, love brighter, run faster, and dream more daringly.


The purpose of each of our articles is to answer all possible questions on the topic and not provoke new ones with unfortunate wording.

What we don’t write about

We ignore politics, incidents, show business, religion, professional sports, anecdotal statements, bills pending adoption, and unremarkable events. No obscenities, promotion of smoking, alcohol, or drugs, incitement to conflicts, as well as anything that is prohibited by the Criminal Code of the United States of America or may harm the reader.

And, of course, thanks from the HatenaiSora editorial staff!

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